Enjoy a Winter Wonderland with Tekapo Budget Accomodation

Most of us consider domestic holidaying a strictly summer activity. It’s the time when the sun is out and camping grounds swell – a far cry from winter when most prefer to stay huddled at home or at work. However, for this exact reason winter is an excellent time to escape for a holiday. The local facilities and attractions are off peak, meaning they’re usually cheaper and less crowded. While some destinations are not so appealing mid-winter, others positively shine. Lake Tekapo is one of these, and you can enjoy it with Tekapo budget accomodation.

So why head to Tekapo in the middle of winter? The reason is the location – Lake Tekapo is surrounded by both plains and mountains that become a snowy wonderland during the cold seasons. Skiing and snowboarding activities abound at local ski fields, which you can reach with a short drive from the local township. For the less adventurous, the landscape becomes beautifully picturesque, and local hot springs make for a perfect way to relax and unwind. Staying with Tekapo budget accommodation allows you to remain warm and toasty even as the world is frozen outside, creating a little paradise for you to escape the normal cold drudgery of winter.

A surreal view to wake up to each morning.